‘I got nuffin’ – Intro

Morning/evening where ever you lot are.

This is my intro of sorts a way of saying ‘hello how are y’doing’

Thought i’d do it on here,because tumblr seems dead and i ain’t interested in starting one, twitter is starting to get on the slow painful decline now that the well of jokes, memes have dried up, and all that seems to be left is a bunch of sad angry people who 99% of the time feel powerless and the other 1% indulging in the worst trash.

Not exactly sure what the main focus of this thing will be doubt i’ll be going after one specific, but expect alot of talk about rappers that’s for sure.

It’s 11:43 and i’m listening to Teena Marie so for this one moment things aren’t too bad.

(The pic at the top of the page is from the De Palma flick ‘Blow Out’ for those of you wondering)